My Real Dad

My Real Dad
You used to walk me to school.
When you left us I felt like a fool.
I miss your hugs & kisses.
Nothing came true from my wishes.
I always thought you'd come back.
One day your things you'd pack.
I have a cat now.
I want to save all the chickens, pigs, & cows.
I haven't eatten meat for 20 years.
I never drink alcohol not even beer.
I don't do drugs or smoke.
All I've said is no joke .

You were a talented artist.
At 13 I had a tumor.
It wasn't just a rumor.
A part of my childhood you missed.
My forehead you used to kiss.
I'll remember your laugh.
Without you I wasn't whole just a half.
When you were gone that's what I hated.
My life was degraded.
I wish you had been there.
I wish you could care.
I never had a real home.
I always feel alone.
Even though I am now grown.
Everything feels done & over.
Where does your ghost hover?
I'm sorry your dead.
All your letters I read.
Not enough was said.
Nobody made sure you got fed.
ed. Neither of us had our
own bed.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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