My Reality

The day grew long, and the silence became a comfort to her,
Blotting out all the years of anguish.
Where was there to turn?
Life had some strings of hope.
Yet they floated on the air and could not be caught
Why were they so difficult to see?
She knew they were there.they had to be.
She could see the smiles on other people's faces.
But where was hers?
Had it left her all those years ago? Or had
It been there all along, hiding in the shadows
Waiting for something, someone to draw it out
Yet not trusting anyone.why should it?
Only once had there been a glimmer,
But then on that long October night it was extinguished.
I wonder, watching the children, is their innocence still alive?
What's it like to not "just survive"
A heart filled with laughter, the warmth of the day
Yet something inside always holds me away.
Won't someone help, take me to their home
My house is cold and dark, what lurks there scares me
Scares me to the depths of soul unimaginable
Wait.wait a glimmer, a spark...quietly gone.
Had something actually changed in that brief moment of time?
Hope crushed.the thought of being loved.
Only a sweet dream of my despair.

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