My Repeating Nightmare Poem Vers

It always starts the same
Standing at the treeline staring back menacingly
The black night is dissociated by the sinister clown
He withholds the knowledge of my deepest trepidations
Tries to conjure a contrivance to use them against me
I blink and when I open my tired eyes.
There he floats inches from my face
Silently screaming with bulging, blinding white eyes
The blood drips from an undetectable source
He spits the slimy paste into my eyes,
Blinding me from his ugly appearance
I see him where he was, I have moved
Within seconds my sister lays bloody, hacked
My mind wishes it was a hallucination
In sight my transformed parents stand unrecognizable
No eyes, only sockets
No nose
Slits for mouths
The let out demonic laughs
The molten, sardonic vomit that spews from their slit like mouths smothers me
Excruciating pain and terror
Brothers deformed and heads detonated
The sludge and intracranial goo fly cross field all over me
The mixture burns my skin
It bubbles
I try to scream but only silence escapes
The nightmare ends with the multicolored speckles dissolving and dispersing
Allowing me to retreat from my nightmare with a numbing, buzzing terror
Tears fall from my traumatized eyes
There he stands at the foot of my bed.
It never ends.
My own Hell

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