My Repeating Nightmare

My Repeating Nightmare
It always starts the same. The clown without a face stands at the edge of the swaying trees. He stares at me devilishly. Beaming straight into me, covering every inch of my bright soul. He knows all of my secrets and my true fears. What seems like an eternity goes by. The air is silent, dark, and cold. I blink and when I open my tired eyes. There he is. Silently screaming with bulging, blinding white eyes. No color, just white. Blood flows steadily into his eyes. The source of the flow is unknown. It continues to drip. He spits the hot, acidic, and sticky blood into my face. It sticks like paste. I blink again and when my eyes open, he’s gone. I stand there panicked. There is no oxygen left in the world. It’s numbingly frigid and deafeningly silent. Then I see him, right back to where he was when I first spotted him. I moved too, to the middle of the steep hill instead of the top. I gaze down to see him staring piercingly at me. Pupils are bright in his monstrous blue eyes. He runs across the open field, screaming, cackling, and spewing blood in every direction. My sister stands feet away from him, frozen in fear. She accepts death’s kiss. I watch my sister get maimed and mercilessly hacked to pieces. I try to scream in terror, but only silence escapes. My parents cackle beside me. Their heads turn and what I see is equally terrifying Two Blank Faces, no eyes, no sockets, no nose. Only a vertical slit for mouth . The let out demonic laughs and sardonic vomit spews from the lines in their faces. My brothers slowly transforming beside them. Mayson’s head shrinks, becomes concave and explodes. Spiders and slime fly through the air onto layne and I. They bite layne and the poison causes laynes head to become distorted and his eyes explode. Green filling and blood travel several yards. All of my family is gone. Where do I go? What do I do? I turn to flee and there he stands. Twisty smiles, possessed expression on his face . The nightmare ends with the Green, Brown, and Yellow speckles dissolving and dispersing, allowing me to retreat from my nightmare with a numbing, buzzing terror. Tears fall from my traumatized eyes and there he stands at the foot of my bed. It never ends.
A sort of hell really.

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