My Revolutionary Pen

Do you see me?
Nah you don't see me, are feel the pain to be..
The anger that arise beneath my feet,
Is like flames burning deep, And with every breath,
All I see is death, But I can't rest. ..
For I'm capture within it's blood, It's ink,
That breeds corruption, fear, lust, lies, yet never love
For love is like the ocean without boundaries,
And it's ink, surround me...
It's fresh, The gray is just a smoke screen,
For ever dream that has been spoken, flow through my blood
A blood that is darker then the darkest night,
That last throughout eternal life, For nothing should break us apart
And I will never break your heart
Together they can't break us
For we are strong, and If they divide us,
All roads lead to destruction, So what are we discussing?
When you brothers and sisters are falling pray to Babylon
And I'm only alone if you release your African arm
For their history is pulling us apart, In different directions
Like we are back at the starting point
Divided from your roots, You are beings taught their own truth
Trust in me and we can rewrite history
When it's all said and done, We are more then ink and blood
Together they can't break us, For we are strong
With your revolutionary arm, This empty page awaits me!!!

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