My River

There is in me a racing river of lust
That flows downhill, for that is its true course
No lies or falsities control this force
For it is at the mercy of the Must

It is the sum of all my years of earning
As natural as death or evolution
And I could come to no other conclusion
For Reason is the guide of all my yearning

I used to say that love was causeless feeling
That if you knew not why that it was true
But now I see the ignorance revealing
That everything I know must end with you

Desire does not distort reality
No altruistic nature guides my lake
For Love is the most selfish odyssey
That I could ever wish to undertake

The point I find in life is to delight
My body makes it possible through you
And any price I pay for it is just
I know full well the meaning of my lust

Most think the mind and body disconnected
I know that is the mortal sin of man
I know my body senses in response
To everything that I can understand

You are the mirror of my true reflection
As I reveal the nature of your years
You will see in me all that you deserve
Your senses tell you so, and so they serve

Do not mistake my lust for something vile
Animalistic instinct through and through
Love is the purest form of saying without words
“You made yourself for me, and I for you.”

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Our emotions are not a lack of reason, but the most arcane expression of them.