My Ruins

I've always been the odd one out
No one picked me first in gym
I was never good at art
I was weird for liking science
My poetry was too dark
My passions weren't normal
I was a band geek
I spent all my time in the theatre
And even people there didn't like me.
For some, I was too fat
For others, too skinny
I never fit in with anyone
But everything changed when I met him.
He made me happy
He made my life better.
He can't see it, but it's true
I can't imagine my life without him
But I might have to.
How could I take the best person in my life
The best thing I've ever had
and be so insecure that I lost him
The only important thing was my love
And I know that it's all my fault
But now our love is in shambles
And I live in my own, personal,

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