My Safe, My Soul

Many have beaten and burned,To get past without the key
They see no use to be gentle, Then increase the pain inside me
My safe, my soul, Only I will ever know
Who deserves, who does not, This safe for which I fought

This safe has made it through Hell, Although none will see
Because of the smile, I chose to present upon me. Scratches, dents,
and burns, Are what you will find,Covering the safe,The safe of mine

Only one will find the key, So very deeply hidden
Only one will unlock, The uttermost forbidden. Only few can suffer
through, To the hardest puzzle to solve, Where the safe still sits,
And slowly devolves

Been through much, Only I can feel
This safe inside me, Wanting to heal
The key is al you need, To get it is not easy
The safe searches for love, And has become greedy

Many will barge straight through, Tug on the lock
Then give up, Without bothering to knock
It coul be so simple, I could be so sweet
If taken the time to get to, Instead of seeking ways to cheat

My safe, my soul
Only I will ever know
Who deserves, who does not
This safe for which I fought

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