My Safe Space

I’ve noticed time and time again
That I’ll tell a poem what I won’t tell my very best friend
I’ll let all my angst leak out my pen
My safe space, my own private den

When I write, it’s like I’m in my own little world
My feelings spill out, my will overturned
It’s like I’ll tell the world my darkest secrets
But in person, I’ll stay silent

I will talk about the fun things I see
I will tell what I think about
I’ll sing you my song, show you my life story
But if I met you in person, I’ll stay quiet

If a person asked me how I was feeling
I’d always answer with a smile
Say that “I’m okay”, a selfish lie
As they walk away knowing a false truth

But I’m not okay, I never was
I cannot keep it up
So I’ll write and write and write some more
The feelings yet to be touched

But through all of this, I’ll speak to others
Get them to open up with their troubles
I’ll guide them and show them the value of life
Knowing full well I cannot see it for myself

But no matter what, I dare not die
For death is what I fear
An endless void that we cannot ignore
‘Cause it is coming for us all

There I go again, spewing my troubles
My pen has started to leak
The paper now tainted with a spreading blackness
My safe space I soon will be

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This Poems Story

This isn\'t a character like any other poem. This is me. These are my feelings. I\'m not saying that all of my previous poem weren\'t sometimes my feelings, this is just one of the few in which I\'m fully expressing my sorrows. Sorry to trouble you, reader. I\'ll be fine...