My Savior

My savior is what makes me strong
being by my savior side is where I belong
believing in my savior will always make me a man
me being saved is part of gods plan.
Every accomplishment I have I have achieved
all the miracles and blessings I'll received
having god in my life I feel safe and relieve
everything that my loving savior has done for me
I'll always believe.

All of my sins I regret committing
I will always believe in my savior and never start
quitting no matter what anyone will say praying is
what gets me through any day my savior I will always
believe and pray.

Believing and praying makes me a winner
I'm glad to be saved and no longer a sinner
my start of being a reborn Christian is about to begin
my loving savior who I am proud and honored to have within
me being a Christian is everything I wanted to be before I
was saved I regret my awful behavior I will always worship
and honor Jesus Christ my loving savior.

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