My Secret Feelings

By Mz.Nola   

Every moment that I am alone with you,
Boy you make my heart turn blue.
I just want to open up and be able
to communicate with you.
I would like to bond and build with you,
Why can't you see; that I just want you
To love all on me?!
There is not a moment I don't wish
That you were here with me,
Each and everyday coming home to me.
Baby please stop running away from me;
Just let me in so you can see that with
Keke is exactly where you posed to be.
I'm not the one that will up and leave:
Especially when we are in a tight squeeze.
See every King has a Queen that will always be; be by his side through the
good and bad times!
Baby Why don't you listen to me;
I'm pouring my heart out oh so desperately.!
I want you to take the lead and let me follow You into our destiny.
Say the word and I'll give you all of me;
A love so powerful it make you weak in the knees.

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Key Words : Relationship, love,

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This Poems Story

This poem is for a King to get him to listen to my feelings