My Share of sky

The wheel of time keeps turning
With a constant pace
It keeps on transforming
The world without a trace

When I was Sita
I was tested with fire
Even then left to wander
When people conspired

I wasn't even given
The chance of fair trial
I was abandoned
Without a chance of revival

I was broken and shattered
My heart was on fire
I was betrayed by the one
Whom I always admired

When I was Draupadi
I was staked on gamble
My beloved lost the bet
And my life was in shambles

The court of most learned
Wisest and mightiest men
Watched with mute ignorance
While I was dragged to the court

Those who had guided and taught
Stood there without an onslaught
The Warrior's sword was silent
The orator's tongue incompliant

The wheel of time had turned again
My country was enslaved in pain
I shuddered at the thought of stepping out
Wolves now moved freely about

I had to see the world
Through a colourful haze
I had a good vision
But was blurred by the haze

I craved to hold the slates
But my destiny was written on plates
I toiled against my will
Only got stares that could chill.

I was married when I played with dolls
I was condemned without a fault
I was assaulted and abandoned
I was burnt against my will

The wheel of time had turned again
A spark of change
Had streaked again
It had brought the glow of rising sun

They showed me beautiful dreams
They seemed to caress my wounds
Reforms were brought about
For the benefit of distraught

I was Savitribai Phule now
I was driven by my aspiration
To enlighten the women
To empower the women

Renaissance set forth
To reform the world
Acts were passed
But they didnt touch the soul

For how could an Act
Defy the centuries old pact
I simmered under surface
I braced myself for the race

I slowly set the pace
I learnt, fought and defied the world
With pen, words, even the sword
For I had got a taste of new dreams

The beautiful sun rose
Melodious tunes filled the boughs
The much awaited freedom
had knocked at the door

I breathed easy
Now I would be free
The sky would be mine
But that was just an illusion you see

I was put in golden chains
To honour culture and name
I was given pretty wings
But they were clipped and tamed

I fought with all my might
I wouldn't give up without a fight
I became MaryKom, Kiran Bedi,
And even Avani chaturvedi

But still do you think
The sky is really mine
I am still caught up
In a maze of stereotypes

Parents feel forlorn
whenever I am born
Between career and family
I am forever torn

They strive hard to accumulate
Several golden plates
Then give me away
With unnecessary haste

The wheel of time will turn again
I will be born again
Will you give me my share of sky?
I don't beg or entreat.
I claim what is rightfully mine.

-Pratya Thakur

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