My Silence in the Rain

I am from lead and paper
from pencil and trees
I am from one-night check-ins
I am from the mud, the dirt
whose breaking limbs I remeber
as if the trees are sick
I am from poisoned apples and the penniless
from mom and dad
I am from the bad apple bunch
and the jailbirds
from mistakes! and regrets!
I am from the devil himself
with a mud pie
and the amazing system
I am from crazy and psycho
KitKat and Cheeto
from the other sides of the bars
the 18-year-old with three kids
the pine tree by the cabin
as the drugs consumed them
as they drink there lives away
too worried about flying high like a kite
to think about tucking their kids in
I am from those broken family trees
Broken branches before I even had a chance
the silence in the rain

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