My Silent Guard

The wind is screaming,
The wind is howling at the tree.
The tree is banging on the roof,
And the roof is leaking!
Leaking on me,
and I, I am melting.

No, I'm not depressed.
I'm not hopeless or depressed.
I mean, I just sleep a lot.
I mean, I just drink a lot,
But it's no more than 'normal'.

I feel nothing a lot lately,
I perfer to feel nothing a lot lately.
It's not depression if you're aware of it, right?
4am wide awake, 2pm don't wake me up!
I can't stand the sun or the people who come out in it!

Depression, if I pretend not to see you, you only come back stronger.
Depression, like making a deal with the devil.
And I plead, "I tried, I put on the mask just like you said, I smiled and everything, I promise I did!" Depression, says "Not good enough."

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