My silent wish

The north has my cord
Its land my virgin blood
What a wrong time to be born
Custom has pulled the strings of doom
Tradition upheld ruined my life
Now I sit and stare into a dream
For even my tomorrow reeks of him

I just wanted to be little
To Grow up later after my dances in the rain
They gave me away without my consent
Sold off my innocence for a stipend
Be happy and proud mama preached
You are becoming a woman my dear
He is rich and will treat you like a Queen
Little did she know of the woes to come

Father never understood my plight
Mother knew but said only sinners get evil
Evil came to me without sin
It punctured my soul and reigned supreme
All I want is to be a child
Now am a little woman with a leaking private
Holding in so much bitterness in my heart Almighty take away my life Or grant my wish and make me girl again

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