My Situation

Oh, how my mind seeks rest
Oh, how my soul seeks a friend
My soul still goes without, because of the situation I'm in
My situation causes pain, it causes destruction and disgrace
It even causes the ones who love, to disappear before my face
Some last for a winter, some through the spring and fall
Some even lasted for a summer, but my situation out lasted them all
Now it's me and my situation, and it haunts me like a curse
Some even think my situation will out last my life here on earth
But God forbids, he won't allow my situation to last that long
For God made me a real man and my situation is not that strong
So why do they let my situation scare them
Was their love for me ever real, or was it out of sight out of mind
Regardless how one feels
But I must respect my situation it taught me to help myself
It taught me to love everyone, but trust no one else
It's funny how situations occur, but even more funnier how they end
I'll never forget my situation, because it showed me my true friends

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