My Skin


Wake up and roll over.
Pick up my phone and all I see is death and pain.
Put my phone down and turn on the radio.
All I hear is death and pain.
Turn off the radio and turn on the TV.
All I see and hear is death and pain.
Every morning there is mourning and it’s baffling to see.
To see and hear that another person has died just because of the color of their skin.
We’re in the middle of a pandemic and yet very little has changed.
My black skin is not a weapon.
Underneath this black skin, there is red blood, just like yours.
Please stop treating us like aliens and animals just because we have some more pigment than you do.
When the world should be at its most united, we are instead at our most divided.
What we need right now is healing.
Not killing, rioting, and stealing.
Stay safe.
Stay strong.

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