My Skin, My Voice

i met her, her earnest expression severed
with the knots of ambivalence;
her heart wrenched for a paler veil,
a yearn for an ostentatious appeal;
i met her, "quiero ser blanca, mami,"
she muttered, a Spanish accent delicately spoken,
detailed with a sheen of melancholy,
shrouded with fragments of remorse;
i met her ,tanned complexion ringed with
the roots of cultural strands,
seeping through veins that are a
constellation of an ornate phenomena;
i met her, Taino blood coursing through her
in waves of sustenance, diminishing
the paint of crestfallen eyes,
fortifying her feeble demeanor
i am ignited with flames of vigor;
i stand with firm briskness,
jaw clenched and a stance accompanied by
a flare of potency, "soy orgullosa de ser Dominicana."

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