My Sky

Just a little encouragement
a touch of luck and pride
an extra amount of practice
turned into a hopeful sky.
One full of opportunities
support within the clouds
for my sky of strength
got me in front of the crowd
Where i performed
where i did my best
pushing myself to a new quest
and because of my above
i was able to overcome
all my failures
all my mistakes
all of the sadness i was to face
but with each step i take
i rose farther into the sky
higher and higher i go
time just passing by
I made my way to the top
faster there i got
but when i arrived
my confidence was deprived
both physically and mentally
my sky drained my power
raining it down
just for others to devour
I stopped floating and began to sink
the top of my sky
was gone within a blink
someone had taken it from me
and i had to get it back
cause i had worked so hard
for my inner fire to start to lack
But as i sat in the rain
my mind began to maunder
and within all my thoughts
a dream was the responder
It told me it wasn't real
all this time i had to feel
the idea of success
and how to lose it so quickly
and when i woke up
the truth was laid on thickly
and i looked back up into the sky
the one that used to be so hopeful
and i found it reassuring to know
all that came with triumph was doleful

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