My Soldier Boy

Stand firm to your values and let morals you were raised with
be your solid ground,
even when strife and turmoil in the air surrounds.
Be strong for those of us who are weak,
for it is through this quality leaders are born and volumes speak.
Our flag we pledge allegiance to.
A nation you proudly fight to protect.
Each day a different battle for you to work through.
Cold nights and long days spent with brothers in arms,
far away from the comforts of home, family and friends.
A sacrifice few wouldn't make. An opportunity you saw to take.
You fight for liberty, freedom and peace.
A world without you would be a different place.
Steadfast and true, a love of people, God and country,
you chose this as a life like no other.
Your bravery won't be forgotten.
In the eyes of a boy I once knew, now stands a man,
a strong soldier, my son.
The world could use more brave men like you.
Head held high and courage like no other,
I am blessed to be your mother.
My heart aches for what you must endure and go through,
but know God will be there as will we for you.
We send you off our world to protect.
Love you so much, lest you forget.
to the moon and stars and back again.
Hold onto all you've been taught and the memories too.
Hold onto your home to return. We will be here waiting.
My soldier boy, my how the time flew.

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