My son behind bars

As I watch you grow into the beautiful person you are, it doesn’t matter where you are behind bars or shooting stars
I remember how it used to be but nothing else mattered but you and me
I never wanted you to grow up I wanted you to stay babe can’t we go back to that day
What is life without mistakes they must be but I want you to know you never disappointed me might as will never see it wrong that you do will you ever know just how much I love you sleep doesn’t come easy nights are long I’m getting old are the best days I’ve gone I pretend everything‘s OK I want to be true but what I won’t say is I cry every day I’m lonely without youWhen I Falls and you and your little 12 x 10 I’m hugging you rocking you until you feel safe again are you hungry are you cold do you miss me are you getting old lesson learned one live hopefully you will see this life isn’t for you and me you will always be my joy my god my everything I won’t live forever life is too short get your life together so much time you’re wasting away for me from your life can’t you see you’re the best part of me you are my lovely legacy

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