My Sons Name Is

I have a son whose name is Ryan
Much like his brothers which is Brian
When he was born I was surprised
If you could've seen the look my eyes
The doctor told us it was going to be a girl
Obviously unexpected my all went in a whirl
This as a shock to most or all was understated
But having a girl either way for me was overrated
I was more than happy to have my baby boy
Like a proud child with a brand new toy
I easily fell oh so in love
With my blessing sent from above
No one knew exactly what I felt
How I was so fortunate of the card I'd been dealt
He was so gorgeous, tiny, precious, and I so proud
I could not scream it enough no matter how loud
I still feel to this day a feeling I can't explain
The most beautiful rays of sunshine after rain
Are truly the most fitting of words I find to express
Without crying or sobbing and becoming a mess
By far in his life he has overcome many things
Because he understands it's just what life brings
I tried everyday at every chance as hard as I could
To teach my sons to be heard but not misunderstood
He has by far the biggest most compassionate way
That's all I wanted for him at the end of the day
I keep faith in God that he'll always be well
Then I go back to bragging till my heart swells
So this being my poem just for my son
Always so unique you my Ryan are my rarest one

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This Poems Story

I always write about my other sons who are the oldest and the youngest but not about my middle son and he's too great to miss. I love you my Ryan.