My Spanish Life

Where I’m from

I am roaring speakers that are from off brands such as NIKON and LG.
I am from my Compact apartment complex, Grumpy, and instability.
I am from Desert yellow flower cactus that is a Thick, Leafless, and Prickly stump.
I am from short spanish speaking family members and large moles on top right corner chests.

I am from my mother and law Lorena and my german shepherd Lu.
I am from parents telling “If you eat too much chicken you’ll grow feathers” and my grandmother saying “Eating charcoal will cleanse your stomach”.
I’m from lost direction and separation from family and friends.
I’m from the hot deserts of Tucson Arizona and Mexican Indian from Great Great Grandparents.

While sugar almond cookies and Dark Colombian coffee and all fried foods of any kind.
The locations of family photos that are all parts of the state such as, Hawai, Florida, and Las Vegas.
And the shot glass that holds in my possession that reminds us all that he had a drinking problem and also he was a sweet and funny man.

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