My Stand

No, I am not famous.
I do not come from pearls and maids,
Nor from money that defines my name.
You cannot find me in the history books,
Yet I stand.

I stand for those that have walked before me;
For those that have spoken a language different from their home.
I walk with German pride and smile with Bohemian humor.
They have made a name which Webster could never define,
And I will take that name and walk for miles more.

Then, when you see my footprints, think of who I am.
For unlike others, they will stay like concrete in the sand.
No storm can wash away the path I've made.
When rain will drain, you can still follow me and who I am,
Because I will stand.

I will continue with long strides and my head held high,
Honoring those before me, leading those behind,
And making a way for those to come.
So do not look for my name amongst the others,
For I will have gone on.
But in the future, look for me in the history books,
Along with the greats; with my path as clear as day,
And footprints never touched by time.
It is there, where my name will say,
That was who she was.
And there is where I'll stand.

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