My Story

By breezy   

Can I tell you the truth?
I am not perfect
In fact, I am the opposite of perfect.
Fake smiles, Fake laughs, Fake responds
When will it ever stop?
That pain, the grief
Have I ever played poker?
“No” but poker face is the face you will normally see.
Why be sad in treasures you are blessed with, then be happy with what you don’t have.
“LOOK”, “Look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?”
What do I say?
In the eyes of Breonna, I see…
I see loneliness
I see hurt, heart attacks
I see that I can’t forgive people.
Can I tell you the truth?
My dad just came back into my life
I am not the example of ready.
I need to get steady
If I don’t I will fall short
I will not cross the finish line
I am beating myself up
Every day, Every night, every minute, every second
Dang, why can’t I just forgive
Why do I say, “I forgive you?”
But do I really?
Do I genuine mean it?
NO, I don’t
That is my problem!
I can say three simple words but cannot trust in those three simple words
I need to be strong
I need to show that can jump the hurdles on the track
I need to show that I am mommy’s little princess
I am going against the fire breathing dragon (Fear, problems, regrets)

Where is my amour?
There goes my heart
Motionless, no sound is being heard but the dragon laughing at me
Laughing at my attempt of trying to conquer him
Can I tell the truth?
My Truth is will blind
My truth will hurt you
Is that what I want to see you get hurt?
NO, that is not what I want
So, for now…
My poker face will be a positive, strong, little Princess
That is my truth
That is my story
Read it, Read it over and over again
To actually see my pain, to hear my sincereness
That is my Truth
My Story

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