My Story, My Poem

Awake, I open my eyes.
...I've been here before.
Why am I here again..?
It smells like agonizing pain.
In front of me is something.
No, someone.
Their eyes are so soothing, their smile so calming,
Yet intimidating.
Like a small dagger covered in frosting.
Like a small bow covered in blood.
I think of these things.
They remind me of someone.
Was it the person in front of me?
I wouldn't know.
I can't remember.
All I can do is wait for an answer...
...I get impatient.
"Who are you?" I manage to choke out.
My body goes numb staring into their eyes.
"Not who you're looking for."
And with that, they walk away.
Nostalgic tears stream down my face.
This has happened before, right?
I reach out my arm with the rest of my strength.
The dim light goes out as my story ends.
My poem.

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This Poems Story

I was inspired by multiple other poets I've seen. It's strange how much you can be inspired by someone else, even if that person isn't real.