my story

the scars you see are not of weakness
they are of a broken, shatter life
they are not something i am proud of
but nor do i regret them or hid them
they are a piece of my history something
everyone must accept
it can not be changed nor forgotten
i know its bad to say, but i wear them proudly
i know no shame for i have forced this on
myself, you will never understand ,
if you say you do your full of it,
you have not walked the steps of my life
you have not seen, heard, or felt what i have
so you still think you understand
you think you know why i did it?
why i still do it or why i contenplate suicide?
i honestly dont think you do, unless you can write
everything that has happened to me down
on a piece of paper, do not tell me you understand or that
it is stupid or it doesnt help.
you look down on me i know you do!
but i will rise above your negitive looks
i will be all that i can be, and i will be better
then you, i will not judge for i dont know what they have
been through.

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