My Strength

My Strength

Lord you are my strength
You have never turned away from me

Stress, agitation, and a broken heart
Was tragedy to me

I was weak
With no one to cry to

But you

You wiped my tears
You rocked me to sleep
Even when I felt that
Others love could compete
With the love you had for me

Your love is genuine, unconditional
And free

Whereas to other
When things got hard they left me

I was lonely
No heat to melt this cold scorn heart
No arms to hold me

No one but you

Hate had replaced love
Envy had replaced the hugs
That I was so use to giving

To me there was no point in
Going on living

I was weak
I thought I needed
Love to strengthen me

But all I needed was you Lord
You were always there

Your unconditional love
Was right there to repair my broken heart

Your unconditional love
Was right there to remove the hate

Your unconditional love
Strengthened me in such a way
That it made me keep my eyes on you

In order for you to reconstruct me
And make me strong again

Lord, you are
My strength

Copyright © 2012 by (Lakisha Louissaint)

All rights reserved. No part of this may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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