My Stuffed Poodle

You with your beady eyes,
Dressed in your pink cloud of cotton candy.
A small coal nose sits upon your hidden mouth,
Your floppy ear retells the story of a friend from the days gone by.
And your tail still wags-
Playfully seesawing back and forth.
But underneath that fuzzy cloud
is a large rip,
near one of your hind legs:
a wound in time and
in friendship.
I watched that wound slowly grow
As I cradled you every day;
But as it grew larger,
So did I.
I started to play with you less and less.
And now you sit quietly in my closet,
Buried under everything,
Your wound still hurting,
and waiting to be healed.
Fading into nothing more than
just a memory.

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Someone who dreams of soaring high and working hard to achieve her goals; someone who loves reading, writing, drawing, and painting the world around her; someone who has many friends and an awesome family, who's always caring and supportive. That someone is me. I really enjoy writing, because I can express my thoughts and feelings and let my creativity flow through it. I also have many other hobbies such as swimming, skiing, and singing. But there's one thing that's better than all.learning. Like my dad always says, "The more knowledge and skills you have, the more likely you'll succeed."