My Sweet Fire

Loving you was like dancing with the devil
Swift and sharp at the same time
Quick movements and stepping at the beat of our hearts in rhythm
Loving you was like dancing with the devil
Playing a game I was destined to lose
Giving my all and receiving none
Being that close to a flame
Being that close to a disaster
So close you can feel it in the deepest and coldest part of your soul
But you know you can't and you know you shouldn't
I don't want to love you
I don't want to be near you
I don't want you seeping into my mind taking over my thoughts
Get out!
Get out!
You don't belong here, you shouldn't be here
I cannot utter a word when your around me
Why can't I breathe, why can't you help me
You're my flame!
My disaster!
My mess!
My mistake, MINE!
Get out, you don't belong here.

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