My Sweetheart

Into your eyes I gaze,
a sparkling chestnut glaze,
Why am I the one you love?
How can you be mine?

Minutes feel like a lifetime,
Like the hand of a clock ceases to move.
as if time has stopped.

With you I am in a trance,
Unable to comprehend how I became so lucky,
When we first met, I asked you for a dance.

Held your hand,
In circles we gazed into the soul of another,
I knew right then I found my significant other.

I am so happy,
humbled to be surrounded with a cloak, of care and kindness.
Like a stray, you gave me a chance and took me in.
To love me in hopes I would love you back.

That chance to be complete.
No love I have experienced can compete.
With what you have given me.

You are my sweetheart,
My Lighthouse that guides me as I am lost at sea.
Though I have made big mistakes as a human being.
Pushing you away was the hardest thing.
Yet you are still here,
Guiding my path.

So forgiving, you shined your light into my heart,
Giving me the chance to make things right.

The most beautiful person with an enormous heart,
Stands in front of me.

What could have fallen apart,
We pushed forward,
Heart to heart.

I will love you through the end of time,
You have my heart.

Hoping in exchange to take care of yours,
For good this time.

I am yours,
You are mine.
My Sweetheart.

By: Patrick Kelly

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