My Talent Is Gonna Scare You Bac

My Talent Is Gonna Scare You Back Poem.
Been writing the true tell of my life since eighteen haters be coming but fans be letting me pass the negativity oh wait I need all of it bring it back it’s more fuel for my fame fire.. This is what I am doing on the side until it blows up boom…. Was that a quake nah it was my platinum winning poem shaken the earth I keep writing never given up for what it’s worth….. Very few haters circle around me just a bunch of wanna be players hahaha I laugh all the way to the top shit if your not aware of what I can drop watch out cause it’s gonna blow your mind…… From dropping beats that sound so sweet to the moves on the dance floor don’t try and hold me back cause it’s my talent that is gonna scare you back….. Don’t judge me by my out side cover it’s my talent that will scare you back hahaha I laugh it up after I'm dropping poems after poems in the books of the future that is gonna blow my talent into fame........ Teachers in the college education life told me I would never make it your right I didn't make it I just had to break all the life rules go to college get a degree this is my talent so it might be a good idea to step yourself back cause it’s my talent that is gonna scare you back…. It’s my talent that is gonna scare you back

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