My Teacher

My wise Teacher, you allow me to see myself through
Your eyes and find myself amazed at what is before me.
I have never before seen such pure beauty and inner
strength, it takes my breath away. You accept and
adore the woman I am and You embrace and nurture
the woman I can be...because of you I can touch the stars.
You have gently eased the chaos that once imprisoned
my mind and taught me to let go of the guilt and
pain that once held me captive...fear and loneliness
are now strangers from a life long ago. You held my
hand as I let go of the past and let go of the hurt...
I finally allowed myself to heal.
With a strong heart I now have the ability to
live every moment to the fullest. I no longer
suffer through my days, dreading each tomorrow,
hopelessly lost in my own world. I can feel wonder
and I can, after what seems like forever,
feel my true laughter once again.
You, my faithful Guardian, You held me tight as
I learned to finally stand on my once fragile feet.
You patiently stood by, and when I could stand on
my own, You proudly let go. You let go,
but you have never left my side.
Forever grateful each moment...forever grateful for You.

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