My Teddy Bear (for Josh Baker)

Excuse me? Yes you, standing there.
But, have you seen my Teddy Bear?
He’s been misplaced, I fear he’s lost.
And I want him back, at any cost

Need, more than want him, actually.
For the many things he gives to me.
Peace, just looking at him smile.
Comfort in his laid back style.

Love, from his adoring heart.
Strength, whenever teardrops start.
Sadness, if I hurt his pride.
Joy, from his laughter, deep inside.

He’s cuddly soft, and truth be told,
Great at snuggling, when I’m cold.
I’m not sure now, just what to do,
I know he loves and needs me, too.

Please say you’ve seen my Teddy Bear.
He’s big and tall, with short brown hair.
You’d know it if you saw his face,
His presence warms most any place.

His voice is steadfast when he talks.
He kinda bounces when he walks.
He’s plenty strong, yet kind and sweet.
The kind of friend you’d love to meet.

Pardon me, what’s that you say?
You saw him just the other day?
He shook your hand, then with dismay,
Told you he must go away?

Then asked you, “Kindly, if you can,
Please share these final words with Ann?”
“I’ve been called Home, by Him, you know.
It’s not by choice, I have to go.

“He saw my skill, and now His wish,
Is that I be where Angels fish.”
“To walk among the chosen ranks,
And cast from Heaven’s river banks.”

“I realize this breaks your heart,
For us to be so far apart.”
“But bear in mind, so deep my love,
I’m always watching, from above.”

You saw a tear form in his eye,
As he turned around and said, “Goodbye.”?
You watched him drift off, out of sight,
His figure fading, in the night?

Thank you so much, for telling me.
I’ll cling on to his memory.
Knowing, though our flame is dim,
He cherished me, as I did him.

And I’ll long for a future when,
He’ll make me laugh, and smile again.
So bide your time, ‘til I get there,
Miss you forever, my Joshua Bear.

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