My Testimony

Growing up homeless and my parents on dope
Being on the streets, I thought I had no hope
Witnessing my older siblings and my parents on drugs
Watching all my brothers acting like they were thugs
Seeing my sisters acting like hoes
I grew up thinking that’s just how life goes
Then one day CPS came to get my brother and I from school
I was so sad I didn’t know what to do
My heart was broken and I couldn’t stop crying
With my life I wanted to stop trying
I couldn’t accept the fact I wasn’t with my parents at home
I was scared and never felt so alone
I ran away from my foster home and for the first time I tried meth
I felt so good and thought my heartache had left
I started struggling with my sexual Identity
And trying to find acceptance from my family
Introduced to older men, partying all night
Being a runaway and struggling with my fight
Prostitution became a part of my life
And the devil made sure he was always in sight
As the years went on I started shooting up meth
And the devil took all that I had left
The streets and abandoned houses were my home
I just kept getting high because I was hurt and alone
One day I stopped and was sober for about a year
That didn’t last long the devil was near
I hung out with the wrong crowd and started smoking again
That’s when I knew I was hanging with the wrong friends
Then again my life began going down hill
Again the devil took me against my own will
I was really struggling with this darkness in me
Then one day there was light and I knew I was free
Started my recovery to better my life
I was then saved by my LORD Jesus Christ
I am much happier and no longer feel lonely
Because Jesus is the best thing that ever happen to me
He changed my life and set me free
This is my life and MY TESTIMONY

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