My Thermosphere

The familiar taste of my devil.
The heat satiating the wails of my worry.
As the cold morning air kisses my freezing
Skin, the smell of shame wafts up my
Nostrils and scolds my brain. My body
Cannot deny the relief it brings. As
I sink into myself and my world slows to
A defined metronome, my brain can
Finally think.

I can finally feel properly. I can feel my latent
Happiness come forward, starving my
Self-loathing until it is a mouse's squeak in the
Attic of my mind. This literal drug my figurative
Safety. The only state I prefer is judging society
From the thermosphere. Channeling every
Negative emotion into this righteous exhalation.

As I feel every cell in my body soak in this
Farmed ecstasy, I am free. This taste of Gaía
Sensually encroaching upon my taste buds.
The simultaneous descent to hell and the
Climb to heaven is an arduous one, as body
And mind separate, my senses betray me and
I succumb to my folly

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