My Thinking Class: A+

Content is the principal thing
Let us face the idea that we are shallow
The content is not the icing
The content is neither the glaze nor the sugar coat
I am a fool
Because yesterday, I called the message the content of the messenger
Lazily shirking my responsibility as the recipient
To look deep into the message
And seek out its nature and motive
Which no messenger has the true ability to spoon-feed
The envelope arrives
I appraise, assess and make my decision
Even without unsealing the package
I am smart? Thank you!
But judging by this situation, I am the biggest fool
I judged the delivery merely by checking the postmark
Intelligence does not guarantee wisdom
Intelligence is a part of one equation
Wisdom is an equation on its own
It’s a selfish and proud equation
But the selfish and proud can never be wise
Wisdom is the arrogant enemy
Of as many arrogant clays dwell on this arrogant earth
Wisdom is not content
But the ability to seek out content from the most foolish of unwise messages
I am a fool who writes about wisdom
Because foolishness has injured me
And now I say “no more!”
Wisdom, come to me…

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