My thoughts

My thoughts was that
She'll wait.
But she crept away with
my emotions.
She'd arrived like a lamb-
Even wolves in lamb's clothing.
She feed me with milks-
Fluids that has the looks of milk.
I gulped her milks and farted-
Never knew was farting away
My freedom.
Farted till i began purging-
Purging my desires and wills.
Then after causing me such harms;
And I cursing her arms.
She fled like a cheetah,
Whose prey made jest of.

I thought she'll stay,
I thought she'll spray
Lovely trends on me.
Thought she'll be my meal.

But never knew was:

A lamb with mild hoofs,
Who metamorphosed into wolves of scattered nails.
Digging misfortune in my way:
Dumping faeces on my path.

But she'd skedaddle,
All her proclaimed love are now fables.
She for years had me as fool:
Please what should i do?

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Being fictional though,but how about you find yourself in that shoe?