My time in quarantine or what I like to call prison...


This cell I call home is suffocating me.
The cage around my chest so tight I can't breath.
Cinderella before the "Bippity Boppity Boo!"
Expectations too high and no room for change.
Try as we might everyday still ends with a fight.
Upset yet glad to not be fighting for our lives.
How do I tell you you are breaking me apart?
Songbird who can't sing, can you fly with broken wings?
Quite my whispered voice not like I have a choice.
"Big mouthed crab ass" that's all you ever say.
I'll never amount to anything anyway.
locked in a cage crying out in outrage.
This cell is hard and cold, we feel so alone.
Screaming silent screams and dreaming.
Drops of myself drip down the drain.
My tears fall harder than the rain.
Your words are a knife cutting me deep.
The ocean full of my emotions crashes on my shores.
Hope washed away by giant waves.
So tired of being alone in this so-called home.
Where did it go? where is the place we belong?

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