My Truth

Days pass by,
Repeating over & over.
It’s change I crave,
And maybe even getting sober.

Hard for a day to pass,
Without reaching for a drink.
Trying to hold up my head,
Farther in depression, I sink.

I woke up today,
Trying to do something else.
Not crawling away adrift,
Sinking farther and farther in the abyss.

Is there love for me?
In this world that’s forgotten me.
Is there a chance for me?
To find peace and be happy.

I’ve lost my identity.
I’ve lost my meaning.
I’ve lost my will to learn,
And the ability to experience that feeling of achievement.

They have taken away all accessibility of places to find a little bit of solace.
I can’t even go to church,
To find some sense of community, acceptance and tolerance.

And most of all hope, love and faith
Is something I desperately seek.
Keeping my head above water,
Before this sadness hits a peek.

Take me back to my adventurous ways,
Traveling the world with Pics for days.
My memories are fading away,
I crave a seat on any airplane.

Take me away!
Away from all this feeling of loss and sadness.
A new view, perspective and change,
Maybe even just a bit of madness.

Something exhilarating,
And moments of fun!
Is what I desperately crave,
I pray that I won’t come undone.

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