Serina, if you can hear me; I want for you to listen
as i am praying to you sis, and i'm hoping that you hear this.
I can feel you watching over me. All of the wrong choices i been making
how i let my life just slip away
but ever since that day and this is still so hard to say
that i have never been the same
but i promise you that one day i will change
just not to sure how; after i have built up so much pain and sorrow
waiting til i see your face again so i'm not hoping for tomorrow
while sitting here i start to remember
all those day and all those nights then start to cry asking god why
I never got to tell her good bye and didn't say it to her that night
dealing with you passing has been pain everlasting
then i would think of all those crazy things you used to do
and i would start laughing wishing i could go back
to those times i didn't spend with you
all the time i asked me to but i'm sorry that i didn't
believe it has been the one thing i regret
those moments we shared together
i promise that i wont forget it even tho we didn't get
the chance to experience the good before we witness the worst
since you had to go first, when it is my time to go
i'm letting everybody know....
to put my remains in with hers, put us back together
the same way we came into this earth since the day of our birth.
serina wasnt just a sister wasnt just a twin she was a friend and daughter she was a protector
now that the lord has her she is a guardian angle who is missed and loved forever rest in peace til we meet again. we love you

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the pain of losing a twin at such a young age has changed my life in the worst and the best ways. Its a life changing experience to go through and i am still going thru it everyday.