My Unanswered Prayer

I beg of you, Dear Lord, to please come save me,
I'm so down on my luck I fell off my bended knee.
I have been backed into a corner without a door,
I'm really feeling like I can't take this life anymore.
Where oh where do I turn to make it thru the day,
Oh Dear Lord, please send an angel my way!
They say you'll never put on me more than I can handle,
But I believe I've burnt the entire wick on this life's candle!
So many times I've prayed for you to take me away,
But then the dawn arises as I awake the next day.
Certainly this plan of yours for me can't last much longer,
For as each day passes I get less and less stronger!
Before long I see myself flat on my back calling to you,
Oh Dear Lord, please make my dreams come true!
Take me away to a land where there is no shame or no blame,
To the great land where I finally feel no more pain.
Long ago I longed to take myself to that place,
But Dear Lord, I would much rather go at your grace!
So one more time I'm calling to you,

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