My Unintended Destruction

My temper has become uncontrollable,
i've become so mean and hurtful.
I don't know what's happened to me,
i wasn't ever like this i used to make everyone happy.
Now i've got someone who loves me a lot,
still,i continue to destroy him without trying to stop.
It's hard to believe he is still here,
if you think about how badly i hurt him,
the amount of times i've brought him to tears.
obviously i don't deserve him,
i shouldn't put him through this.
I hope i can be the person i was before,
so the hurt/damage i'm causing will be no more.
I hope we'll be able to start over brand new,
i'll show him all the good i can do.
He's my world,my life,my everything,
I can't blame him when he don't believe me.
One of these days i'll be myself again,
then,he'll see that everything i've said to him,i really meant

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