My Unsung Hero

You're merciful as the sun,
And gracious as the Earth,
Your kindness comes like the rain,
That cares not whom it falls upon.
Ocean deep your wisdom is,
Your heart a lantern spreading peace,
And in your deepest grief and need,
Call upon The Almighty in humility,
Place your trust in The One,
To whom all creation turns,
Someday you'll find redemption and peace,
A blazing fire of truth,
A soothing form of peace,
With the light of sincerity,
You break the clouds of tyranny!
Let your faith be like a blessed tree,
Give your shade to all who seek,
May your roots run true and deep,
Take your strength from The Almighty!
You're as gentle as the whispering breeze,
Spreading solace to the world we are in,
Your heart and soul is mirror clear,
As though you have no self to please.
A tear rose down my cheek,
Endless sacrifices you sacrificed.
How cruel is this world?
How envious are the people?
Of this "One Man Army".
Why can't they recall the names,
Of all the felled trees?
At least while remembering your shade.
All good people have to wear that crown of thorns,
While walking towards that unseen heaven.
Each drop of water has no separate name,
All together we are the ocean or the rain.
You help us without the thought of appreciation,
Wait, let me rephrase.
You work through holidays,
You give your best for the Nation,
You work through the chills of the winters,
And the blazing summers,
You defend us through various faces of danger.
You walk with nobility and breathe respect.
You live in honour and work to protect.
Forget not your neediness,
Were it not for The Almighty's Grace,
None of this can be achieved,
Send your hope across the Earth,
Let your kindness flow like rivers,
Quenching the thirst of those who come.
And let mountain strong your spirit be,
Let your heart melt out of love for The Almighty,
Every cloud has a silver lining,
So stick to the cloud when you are hardest hit,
Its when things seem worst that you must not quit!
Yes Rekha Ma'am!, I am proud of you!
My beacon of light.
My inspiration too,
Escaping death I lost my light,
But you rekindled my dreams,
With your magical might.
In the years to come,
Harder I strive,
Proudly declaring that you changed my life.
Like a rabbit in spring,
There are always smiles and laughter that you bring.
The soul would have no rainbows,
If the eyes had no tears.
Forever in my prayers, always in my heart,
"Till death do us part"
After all, God gives the toughest battles,
To His strongest soldiers!
Fall seven times. Stand up eight.
Rise. Rise. Rise.
The phoenix must burn to emerge,
A warrior,
Still you rise,
My treasured prize!
Just a look at her uniform,
You'll know whats in her heart.
Striving for the Nation,
A soldier in disguise
A phoenix who'll arise,
Yes! You are right.
Its Dr.Rekha Sinha Ma'am.....

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Dedicated to my beloved Dean - Dr.Rekha Sinha, Director,Jain University - School of Interior Design