My Unwritten Story

I've repeated my story a dozen times,
Given small glimpses of my troubled mind

Words can't describe the memories held from within,
Won't free me from a battle that I don't know how to win

In chaos, is my comfort and that shouldn't be,
Trying to break these chains binding me

Someone please tell me how to ease the pain,
I've spent sleepless nights racking my brain

How does this hurt cease to end?
Darkness my calling and long time friend

Haunted by my past deep within my soul,
The wounds I've endured taking their toll

I scream into nothingness without a sound,
I want to run away and never be found

I seek resolution without any results,
My heart is yelling a shrill cry of tumult

Save me from myself, could you help me please?
I'm wavering under this pressure and falling on my knees

My pride consumes the hope I seek,
Leaving me helpless and given into defeat

You may not understand and judge as you may,
This bitter existence is what made me this way

Betrayed by the people that I needed the most,
The horrors of the moments that haunt me the most

Happiness is such a forlorn word,
I once obtained it but that was a lifetime ago

I know there has to be a place where I belong,
Where my spirit dances to a beautiful song

Where do I go? Which path the best?
Don't know if my strength shall again pass the test

Maybe it's tragic the hopelessness I see,
I don't know how to change things that came to be

Reliving these images remembered in my head,
Remembering each time, that, I'd rather been dead

Do you know how it feels to be alone?
Beaten and broken by other people's stones

I know that it seems, as though, I'll always be lost,But forever I'll keep fighting at any costs

My reality may be different paved with shattered glass,
I'll always remember, " That this too shall pass!"

You'll never know the strength etched into my being,
Troubles have come and I've sent them fleeing

There's a reason for everything both good and bad,
I'm just grateful for the few blessings I've had

I can't be sure of what the future holds,
It's unwritten story waiting to be told

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