My Urn

Do you remember when you were nothing but broken shards?
You fell, and everything shattered, pieces left charred
All beauty, all deception just broke away
And there you were with uneven edges begging me to stay
Every memory of her was fixed by painstaking work
I used glue to patch everything together without a mark
I made sure the glue created nothing short of perfection
But once the paste solidified, you revealed your deception
The shards, the lashings, fixing you tore me apart
I couldn't tell that you were breaking me from the start
To the point in which fractures appear all over me
But you just pretend not to see
That now my urn, on tipping point, threatens to fall
But you have no glue to spare; you don't care at all
It's been all used up, so here I lay, with broken shards

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