My Utmost King

My Father, You see the burdens I bear;
You hear the deliberations of my mind.
You feel the anguish in the depth of my heart.
How is it that I cannot sense you near,
And suffer alone in the stillness of the hours of darkness?
The master of lies waits for the opportune moment
To destroy any remaining worth of my person.
O Lord, rescue me when he hath beset upon my spirit,
Shield me from his cunning ways,
And restore me with Thy impenetrable vigor;
That I may battle against iniquity until I perish
And honor You in the way I live.
My wretched soul was lost,
Yet by Your love and grace
You transformed despicable into worthy.
How astonishing that Thou most Utmost King
Would adore a disgrace like me!
For I shall live my days for You,
And shall exalt
Thy name evermore!

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