My Van Gogh Eyes

canvassed eyes
watching passing portrait ' d heads
pausing their moment's view the palette of my ills,
painted a deep blue, brushed a Van Gogh indigo
refusing to let go its hold this dismayed soul

canvassed eyes
watching their view of queued, paused colored views
passing one after the other
in tilted frames framing tilted heads
hung from tilted walls not seeing still
the littered linen landscape wilted flowers are hung,
put to gallery in corridors of close doors and mind of
mourning fields of amber gray rage set a blaze
to swirl a violent haze of hues refusing
to change their colored view of weathered faces
hung in portrait pain hung on empty walls
to watch portrait'd passers, passing by, pausing
not seeing still, in canvassed eyes hung
a frameless head, a nameless wall,
these Van Gogh's eyes, watching

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