My Veteran

This is a poem, for all those who know 'em
The guys of great, who risked their fate
To keep us free, so we could be
In middle of summer, in dead of winter
Bombshells dropping, they'll never forget her
Land of the free, home of the brave
Together they stand, fighting to save
The friends they have and families they love
And none could beat God above
His will be done and never broken
He was with those men, so it's spoken
From the first on the beaches, to those in the air
I thank you great men for showing your care
So on this Veteran's Day, proud I'm to say
Deep in my heart, you'll forever stay
Never to forget those men who died
And gave this great land the right to survive
Bravely they fought and so made it known
For those who lived here at home
The flag that stands for red, white, and blue
Will fly up on high, and so will you
And so once again, I thank you men
For giving to us courage to be
An American

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