My Vision

We used to feel on top of the world.
I loved you so much.
I was certain that you were my girl.
I’d get butterflies even when our hands touched.
I have a vision that involves me and you.
Us, sitting under a willow tree,
On top of a hill beneath the endless blue.
Sitting in silence, with your arm around me.
Just smiling at each other’s presence.
Feels like a moment from the heavens.
Then you turn to me and say,
You and I, let’s run away.
Cold air blows and brings me closer to you.
It’s as if it’s too good to be true.
Our love is too strong to be broken.
“I love you” are the only words that are spoken.
Keep running and don’t stop,
They won’t bother to chase us.
My love, we could do whatever we want.
They could never break our bond.
Armies of men try to chase us
I look at you and hand in hand we run.
We come to a cliff,
Give each other one last kiss,
And we jump.
Then it ends.

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